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    Final Project Question


      Must we have access to the Cloud environment to submit the final project? Or can we complete the final in our own environment?

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          Hey David,


          You can complete the final in your environment.  Please complete Parts 1-3 the same from the Final Project: Set Up a Simple PI System page, and then for Part 4:


          Option #2 - If you have access to the PI System at your enterprise and would prefer to complete this part of the final project on that, you may do so. Please  work out with the facilitator a final project that meets the following criteria:

          • The project must create something that has value to your enterprise (examples include setting up a new interface, configuring PI Points, etc).
          • The project must be of sufficient difficulty that it provides a challenge - what constitutes a challenge will be determined by you and the facilitator.


          Choose something that you think would bring value to your company or something you think is a good learning experience.  I'm pretty flexible on what this could be so feel free to choose whatever you like   If you want to double check with me first, feel free to shoot me an email at jjohl@osisoft.com!