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    RollUp attributes [parent <- child <- child(attribute)]




      I want to do a Roll Up , but not of the attributes of the child-elements, but the attributes of their child-elements...

      Do I have to write an expression firstly, to get the attributes "one step up" or is there a syntax to refer directly to the "child-elements of the child-element...?


      For example: What I have is: Site - Plants - kinds of product -> with the attributes normal- & special-product  [parent - child - child(attribute)] and i want to RollUp (for the whole site) the attribute special-product of each plant (sum) ...



      Thank you!

        • Re: RollUp attributes [parent <- child <- child(attribute)]

          Hi Alexander,


          You will need to refer to the attribute on the child element of the element on which the rollup is configured.


          Depending on the data reference of the target attribute you can use different methods of doing this.


          If the data reference of the target attribute is a PI Point, you can configure a PI Point data reference with the following configuration:



          If the target attribute has a different data reference, you can use the string builder data reference with this configuration:


          Something that is very important to keep in mind is that data references are resolved client side. This is especially important for non PI Point data references. For example, if you target attribute is table lookup, the client will need to resolve both the table lookup and the string builder reference (String Builder -> Table Lookup). If you create long dependency chains, this will slow down the retrieval time of attribute values.


          Please let us know if you have any questions.

          Thanks, Seb

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