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For future dates, analysis preview gives Calc Failed, while Time Series data shows OK

Question asked by Roger Palmen on Aug 10, 2018

I have an AdHoc analysis that uses a combination of time-series table lookups, and Historical values to determine a forecast. Let's say we use variable A that is the historical value (PI Point), and variable B that is the table lookup providing the Future values,a nd i just do A+B. As requesting the value of a historical value at a future date fails, i use: PrevVal('attribute', '*') to get the value of A. Now the behaviour:

  • Evaluate runs fine, all data is correct.
  • Preview for * to *+5d however, only runs correctly for *, all subsequent dates give a calc failed on A
  • Time Series Data also returns the correct data for * to *+5d


Why is the preview failing here?