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AmChart CustomSymbol - TimeProvider - Navigation Link

Question asked by WENDE on Aug 8, 2018
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i've created a custom symbol based on the amchart-trend symbol from the Osisoft GitHub repository.
I just made some changes to allow it to display stacked area charts.


Then, i added some code to allow users to change display start time and end time by zooming in the chart.

I did that using two listenner from the amchart library and the 'TimeProvider' parameter. See the code below :



That works great.
Well it seems... the problem is :



When a zoom is made in the graph, display start and end time are actually updated, but then if i use a link (wich is on the same display) to go to another one, i get the following error :

The navigation link is setted to "set start and end time"



I don't understand why i get this message...

Any ideas how to fix that ?