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Installation of PI data Archive server 2018

Question asked by Noga on Aug 12, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by gregor

I am currently working with PI-SDK 2016 and with PI archive server 2016, and I would like to upgrade them to the latest version.

As announced by OSISoft, it seems that the latest released version is - pi server 2018.

As describes in the OSISoft live library, to get the installation kit:

  1. Log into the OSIsoft Tech Support Downloads page with your OSIsoft credentials.
  2. Navigate to Downloads > All Downloads.
  3. Click on the PI Server icon. A list of install kits appear.

But, logging to the sight, I can not find the 2018 installation kit, and not even 2017 installation kit.

Can anyone please direct me to the link from where I can download PI archive server and PI-SDK 2018 or 2017?