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Question asked by chinnathambi152 on Aug 11, 2018

Dear OSI soft,

We have just started using PI systems. Our architecture goes in this fashion

maxDna DCS -->maxDna OPC server-->Honeywell DCS (OPC client) --> Honeywell DCS OPC server--> pi interface PC--> PI server

If a data to come from maxDna system to PI, it has to hop with 2 OPC systems. Issue we are facing is, at many instances connectivity between maxDna and Honeywell is getting lost or certain points fails to get updated in Honeywell systems. In such cases, Honeywell system continues to send last good value to pi interface.

We just would like to alerted if any such points gets locked / stays over same value.

Also, we would like to monitor the points whose time stamp does not change as well.