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Display only UOM from an AF Attribute in PI Vision

Question asked by Suganya_Ganesan on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by VasanthakumarR

Hi All,


I am interested to know if I can display only UOM for a Value symbol in separate column which is mapped to an AF Attribute(Data reference-  PI Point) in PI Vision. This UOM should be dynamic as per the AF attribute configuration(Default UOM).

I have already tried the following things,

1. Unable to check only UOM in the  Format Value-Visibility section of a value symbol.

2. I have created a child Attribute and tried to put the substitution parameter for UOM, but unfortunately there is no substitution parameter to retrieve UOM from its root attribute.


We are not interested to implement the below approaches:


1. We are not interested to put AF Analysis(TagEU) to get the EU from PI Point  because of the following reason,


• In few cases, PI Point UOM will not be inline with the AF Attribute UOM

• We don’t want to load the system by putting more analysis


2. Creating a child Attribute to place the UOM as a static value


Additional Information:

PI Vision Version: 2017 R2

AF Server: 2017 R2


Please let us know if there is any better way to achieve this. Thanks in Advance.