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    AFSearch question


      Is it possible to search for elements that have an attribute value without using a template?  I understood with AF-SDK 2.10 that I could cast value type.

      Attribute will always be a string.  Can my value be a wildcard?


      I am getting the following exception: A template was not defined for the attribute path '|LocationCode'


                  int count=1;

                  string query = @"Root:'FacilityName' '|LocationCode':='0776-03-*'" ;

                  using (var search = new AFElementSearch(afdb, "", query))


                      foreach (AFElement item in search.FindElements(0, true, 1000))


                          Console.WriteLine("{0}: Element {1} has {2} Attributes.  Path:{3}", count++, item.Name, item.Attributes.Count, item.GetPath());