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    Online Training: Programming in PI Web API Online Course (August 2018) - Introduce Yourself

    Luke Yarnall

      Hi folks! My name is Luke Yarnall, and I am the facilitator for the August 2018 section of this course.


      A bit about you:

      I'd like to learn a bit about you all! Please comment on this thread with a brief description of yourself, what you want to learn in this course, and anything else you'd like to share. Please also share your time zone so that I can find the best times to do live office hours next week.


      A bit about me:

      I am a Product Support Engineer in our Developer Technologies support group here at OSIsoft -- I've been working in Product Support for a little over two years, so if you've contacted us at OSIsoft Tech Support very many times, there's a good chance we've talked at least once!


      My main goal for the course is to give you the first tools to feel comfortable with the basics needed to develop your own applications with the PI Web API. As secondary goals, I want to point you in the right direction to be able to find more resources to solve whatever challenges come up as you develop applications in the future -- whether it's as simple as finding the right documentation, or whether it's participating in the discussions that come up on our developers' forum, PI Developers Club.


      A bit about the course:

      You can find the lecture material and additional information at the course page here: Programming in PI Web API

      Please post any questions that come up in the Programming in PI Web API discussion forum -- it's better if it's posted publicly because oftentimes multiple people have similar questions.

      If you don't want to post in the forum for some reason (e.g. you need to include some proprietary information in your question), then you can send me an email. I'll be reaching out to you all by email soon.


      Officially, the course started on Monday, August 6th and runs through Friday, August 24th -- three weeks to work through the lecture material. However, since I was late in setting up the course space, I will not be strictly enforcing the original deadline for project submissions. If you are going to be wrapping up a bit late, please just reach out to me and let me know.


      Happy Programming!


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          Hi Luke,


          I'm Matt Au with the Las Vegas Valley Water District, in Las Vegas Nevada. I'm in the Pacific time zone. We've been using PI for a while now (about 10 years), AF (about 3) and PI Web API (a couple years). I hope to learn more about PI Web API especially writing data to PI (I'm mainly using it to query data) and CORS. I've gone through about half of the videos now and hope to wrap up on those by the end of this week.


          My hobbies include watching my kids play ice hockey (seriously, if you have to live the southern part of the Mojave desert, an ice rink is a godsend) and my own journey (and theirs too) in speed cubing (Rubik's Cubes). We compete in World Cube Association events and my wife and I run a cube club at a local school. If you want to know why we cube, look up "Why We Cube" in YouTube. It's a new documentary out from thecubicle.us about cubing.



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            Steve Boyko

            Hi Luke, I'm Steve Boyko with Actemium Canada. We are a systems integrator and I'm learning the PI Web API to expand my PI programming knowledge. I've used PI-API, PI-SDK and recently AF SDK and I want to add the web API to my toolbox.


            I've worked with PI since about 1996 or so, when it was running on a VAX, so that means I'm old.


            I'm a train geek and I enjoy photography and programming.

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              Hi everyone!


              My name is Pedro, I'm a Control and Automation Engeneer an I work at IHM Engenharia, an automation company in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I'm PI System Infrastucture Specialist Certificated. I work with PI System and IT industry development since 2016. I'm getting this course because I'm goin to get PI System Development Certification and I would like to emprove my knowledge about the development with PI WEB API, to build applications to access the PI by PI WEB API.


              My timezone is Brasília Time (BRT) "-0300". I'm in Brazil.


              I like to read about everything, to dance Forró (a tipical dance in Brazil), to draw, to play sports.