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      I'm Matt Au with the Las Vegas Valley Water District. We've been working with PI for over 10 years, AF for about 3, and PI Web API for about 2. I'm interested in learning more about PI Web API as all of the stuff we're doing around here revolves around web API's.


      Does anyone know who is facilitating this course?





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          Hi Matt,


          There is no fixed assignment of course facilitators. If you like to register, I see the next course is scheduled from 13-Nov. to 30-Nov. 2018.

          If you like to educate yourself, you can take the exercises anytime you want. All you need to do is follow the video lectures of the Programming in PI Web API SPOC.

          If you like to receive the certificate of participation, please consider registering to the next available course. The final project which is used to assess if you successfully participated, is usually covered in the 3rd out of those 3 weeks.


          Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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              Hi Gregor,


              I'm enrolled in the current class (started on Aug 6). I'm going through the videos now and would like to submit a final project. Can I submit a project on Aug 23rd? Or do you suggest I re-register for the Nov class and submit one at that time?