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Opening different connections to the PI Data Archive

Question asked by Noga on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by gregor

I am writing an application that uses PI-SDK and connects to a PI Data Archive server. The application opens several threads.

Each thread has it's own PIServer instance and should be able to manage it's own PIServer.connect() and PIServer.disconnect() to that specific PI Data Archive.


The code I am using for each thread to connect is:


PIServers servers = new PIServers();

PIServer myPiServer = servers["server-name"];


if(myPiServer != null)



Currently when running my app it seems that when a certain thread disconnects from the pi server, the other threads disconnect as well, eventhough each thread has it's own PIServer instance.

I would like to know-

Is there a special way to open a different connections to the pi server from the same application?

or maybe there is no option for that at all?