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PI Integrator for BA - DW (PI Integrator) [log-problem after upgrade]

Question asked by GeraldvBerkel on Aug 15, 2018
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We did an upgrade form [PI Integrator for Business Analytics 2016 R2 SP1]  to [PI Integrator for BA - DW (PI Integrator)].

The upgrade was 'successfull'  however we are experiencing problems with on the webinterface (

-Before the upgrade we added the Microsoft SQL Server Full-Text Search component successfully to our SQL Server 2014. And made sure the service was running.

-Before the upgrade the views were published and all the views with the status 'Not Yet Published' were removed (due to the known issue with views with that status during an upgrade)

-We ran into a small issue during the installation that we solved by making sure our service account was owner of the PIIntegratorDB SQL Database.

-After the upgrade the Views were in Run Status 'Not Yet Published' so we resumed them. The status switched to 'Scheduled' where 'Published' was expected (???)

We receive the allert '500: Internal Server Error' (see attached Errors001) for the log data it seems.

What am I missing? Could someone direct me to the solution?

I already created a case at techsupport and will update this topic on new infromation...

Thanks in advance!