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    Error While modifying the String tag


      I am trying to update the Point Type attribute for few (16) of the PI tags from "String" to "Float32", out of which two tags got modified without any error but the other 14 has error "error setting pi point attribute fatal error to error -15013". Even all the 16 PI tags has the same configuration.

      Any suggestions or information's are highly appreciated.

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          Refer to Allowable point type coercions:  Changing the Point Type of a tag from String to Float32 is possible if the incoming values are be compatible with Float32 format.

          The point might be locked by PIBufss or some other process.


          Regarding error "-15013", you could try

          • Switch the parameter Point Source of the tag temporarily to a nonexistent value. It will make the tag be left by PI interface and buffer.
          • Change the Point type of the tag following the conditions above.
          • Switch back the parameter Point Source to the original value. PI interface and buffer will bring it back.
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              Hello Suresh,


              To add on Thyag's reply, the issue you are facing could be due to current snapshot values cannot be coerced into the new Point Type. An issue which I just ran into today when performing some tests. In general, please try to avoid point type edits and make sure existing historical values can be coerced into the new Point Type which is pretty unlikely when changing from String to Float32. Also recommended is to reprocess archives to permanently apply the coercion but again, please make sure existing values can be converted into the new format.


              Please see this other recent discussion on the subject.

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