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    Pi Tags and PIAF Attributes


      A lot of PI tags were built by the previous admin, but no attributes assigned in AF where they can be seen by Pi Vision.

      Is there a way to detect Pi tags in Pi data to attributes in AF to show which tags have attributes and those that dont?


      EG Excel?





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          Since you allow Excel in the solution, I suggest the following as a quick and dirty solution:

          1. Use PI Builder to dump out the Asset Framework to Excel
            1. One of the columns will include the PI Tag
            2. Filter this sheet for just the rows with PI Tags
            3. Delete the other columns
            4. Use the Excel Text to Columns function to separate the servername form the PI tags
            5. Create a Named range of the PI tags
          2. Use PI Builder to dump out a list of your PI tags to Excel
            1. Create a VLOOKUP against the named range in Step 5.1



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