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UFL connector .ini error [1, [Error] . Value start/end is incorrect.]

Question asked by jessica.ewy on Aug 16, 2018
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I am working on setting up the UFL connector to parse a JSON file. I have a powershell script which calls for a JSON file and stores the file in a local folder when the script is run. The connector is set to parse this file when it updates.


I am working on the .ini file and have not been able to find an answer to the issue I am encountering. The timestamps on the incoming data are in milliseconds since unix epoch. I have tried several different configurations for the .ini file but continue getting the error [1, [Error] . Value start/end is incorrect.]. I believe this issue has to do with the timestamp pulled from my data.


I have tried several different configurations (one of the iterations is below), changing the data type and converting between units, even tried typing in the timestamp as a string, but continue to get the same error.


The final result I would like to get is to convert the milliseconds since unix epoch to seconds GMT and use this as the timestamp to send data to PI.


Here is a sample of my .ini file:


'===========Define Variables==========


                FIELD(1).Name = "OpICAO"        

                FIELD(2).Name = "Epochms"

                FIELD(2).Type = "Number"

                FIELD(3).Name = "Epochs"

                FIELD(3).Type = "Number"

                FIELD(4).Name = "Epochs2"

                FIELD(4).Type = "String"

                FIELD(5).Name = "UpdateTime"

                FIELD(5).Type = "DateTime"

                FIELD(5).Format = "SECONDS_GMT"


                '==============Define Message Statements========



                MSG(1).Name = "Data"


                '============Extract data=============

                '==========Store PI Points======



                Data.FILTER = C1 == "*"


                FOREACH (JsonGetItem(__MESSAGE, "acList[]")) DO


                                Epochms = JsonGetValue(__ITEM, "PosTime")

                                Epochs = Epochms/1000

                                Epochs2 = Epochs

                                UpdateTime = Epochs2


                                OpICAO = JsonGetValue(__ITEM, "OpIcao")


                                StoreEvent(OpICAO + "_" + "OpIcao",, UpdateTime, OpICAO)






And the JSON file:



"src":  1,

"acList":  [


                       "PosTime":  1534443670620,

                       "OpIcao":  "HAL"



                     "PosTime": 1534443635339,

                     "OpIcao": "HAL"



    "stm":  1534443671895




Any ideas would be much appreciated.