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PIVision. New users cant find any PI tags in PIVision. 

Question asked by CarstenA on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Eugene Lee

Hi Everybody


On a test environment I have a PI Server (DA) and a PIVision Server on the same domain (two virtual machines).
Everything seems fine when I work in PIVision. PIVision admin overview are alle green checkmarks. I can search PI tags and all, but new users cant.
They can log into PI Vision an see both the AF and the PI Server. They can't find any tags, but if I creates a display and share it, they see the trend just fine.
They also can see data and search Pi tags from Excel/Datalink without any problems.




The users have the exact same security settings on all servers and in PIVision as me (mapped to piadmin).
I have restartet the PI Web API and the PI Web API Crawler service. That did not solve the problem.


Any ideas ?