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Having issues testing GetSnap/ accessing PI SDK using Java

Question asked by hiella on Aug 20, 2018
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I've been trying to access PI OLEDB using Java. I have the latest PI JDBC and PI DAS installed on local computer (A), and the target DB is in another computer (B) but same network. I basically copied the code from examples when installing the JDBC.


And I get the following error message all the time: "Connection failed. Connection reset."


I am not showing all the code here because I get the same error message when I test using GetSnap.


Do anyone have any thought on this? I have a few assumptions after I did some research:

1) The PI DAS should be installed in the computer B where the DB locates;


2) According to the PI JDBC Driver 2018 Administrator Guide, this is a "Missing or not suitable SSL certificate" issue (In local computer A, I tried to follow the steps on Using the Keytool to Import a Certificate in the Developing with PI Web API, but I cannot export the certificate in .cer format.) Both computer A and B do not have any internet connection--not sure if this is related.


3) Something wrong with my connection string. Here's my url: "jdbc:pioledb://; Integrated Security=SSPI;"


I am using port no. 5450 since that's the port no. used my PI SDK Utility, and the is from there too. Here's the rest of the properties:

String enableCertificateValidation = "No";

String isTrustedConnection = "Yes";

String useDCA = "No";

String userName = "";

String password = "";

String portNumber = "5450";

String logLevel = "0";