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PI Connector for UFL - How to determine how many files/values were processed

Question asked by wilson.laizo on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by wilson.laizo

Hello all;


We are currently using the PI Connector for UFL and it's been performing really well, way better than the old PI UFL Interface.


But one thing that we couldn't determine is how many files/values have been processed by the Connector in a given amount of time. Ideally that should be something published on Perfmon so we could use the Perfmon Interface to write to a PI Point and plot it, but we couldn't find in the documentation any information in regards to those indicators.


At this point what I can think of is developing a small application to monitor the Processed folder and check how many files were saved there since the last time this application ran, but then I also need to check inside of the latest Zip file as the Connector may have already zipped the new files.


Any ideas on how to get this information in a reliable way?