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PI ProcessBook - The following node cannot be found.....again....

Question asked by ØysteinThorsen on Aug 23, 2018

I have, as several others, come cross the "The following node cannot be found..." dialog box after moving a ProcessBook file from one server to another. In other words updated all tag references from one server to another.

I have read several answers to this question, that recommend setting up an alias for the node number and the proper PI Data archive, which actually seems to work perfectly.


Now, I am the curious guy, and have three questions that actually ask the same thing..:

What actually makes the ProcessBook file come up with the dialogbox at all? (Yep, there are no aliases...)

From where does the specific PDI file pick up the "missing" node number?

How does the specific PDI file know about that particular node number itself?


If I click the [Cancel] button in the dialog box, the PDI opens and it seems like all the tags in the PDI file have the correct PI server configured, as they are reading the data properly.