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Rollup analysis missing data

Question asked by Charles_Cawood on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by sraposo

Hi All,


Have come across an instance where it seems that the rollup analysis is missing a value from one of the children elements when doing a MAX value rollup.

My scenario:

I have a parent with 3 child elements. The child elements has 2 analysis that it performs (event triggered- any input) and this get written to 2 attributes Value1 & Value2. I have a third formula attribute (Value3) that selects either based on set criteria (simple if -then statement)


The parent element has a rollup function(also  event triggered - any input) that gives me the max value of the Value3 values from the 3 child elements.

What I found is that in some instance it misses the one child element attribute and so gives me the max based on the previous value of the one child. The blue line is the parent rollup.

and in certain instances ignore the one value and give a max based on only the other 2 child elements (again the blue line is the parent MAX rollup)

based on previous information, I gathered that this should not happen as the "any-input triggered event are supposed to be able to handle this?