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PI AF and EF questions

Question asked by ErnyC on Aug 23, 2018
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Hello everybody
I have a couple of question about Event Frame and AF. I'm new to EF, and I'm playing around with elements hierarchy in AF to better understand AF and EF.

Please, take a look to attached first image.
GT1, GT2 and GT3  under "Gas Turbines" are template based elements.
Block1, and Block2 are template based elements.
GT1,GT2,GT3 under Block1 and Block2 have been added using "Add  Reference element"   (Parent-Child).

I have also an Event Frame Template "GT Start". The question is:

Is it possible to add an attribute in "GT Start" Template that refers to an attribute in parent element?

As substitution string I'm using:       .\Elements[.]\..\|Gross Power       but unfortunately it's not working. (Error is "Attribute not found")

Please take in account that I want to refer to an attribute in "Block1" (or "Block2") and not to an attribute in "Gas Turbines" element.


Thanks and best regards




AF 01.png

AF 02.png