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OMF error: Client does not exist.

Question asked by napnas on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by napnas

Hello everybody,

We've build a OMF application to send data to a PI AF database. And it worked well until last week we reinstalled the PI archive server.

Then we configured the PI Data Collection Manager again. The status of the Connectors, Relays, and Destinations are all running. But there is a task "Add a connector" remaining.

After executing the OMF application, PI Data Collection Manager returns two error messages:

1. An unauthorized AMQP client connection attempt was made. Details: No client node was found with the client UID of  '0B680148921F20E844BFF36CB0A2332B08582B8D'

2. There was an error sending message to the client - 89a9be15-146e-41bf-8497-ad9337f7c157. Error Details: Client 0B680148921F20E844BFF36CB0A2332B08582B8D does not exist.

And we can not find the data and PI point by tag searching.

PS: We have renewed the Producer Token and Relay Ingress URL in the OMF code.

Thanks a lot.