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    Trend based on value


      Dear All,

      Good day.


      Appreciate your help on my request:


      i have chart with several tranding for different tagname. However i need to plot them in function of a value from specific trend.

      more details:

      1- the specific trend show values as names (W1, W2, W3....)

      so i want to plot the trend corresponding showing only the value W1(e.g) in one year time, and other trends must flow same condition


      can use VBA?





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          Hi Madjid,


          I'm not sure I follow the use case.  Can you please clarify for me with an example?  I think you are asking to trend 3 different tags where tag1=W1?  What should be shown when tag1 doesn't equal to W1.



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            Dear Jess Ru,

            thank you for reply,


            kindly find the attached.  example as highlighted in chart ( i want to plot only the yellow period whenever i have value equal W1.  hope it is clear now


            best Regards

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              seems like a great use for event frames and overlay trends to me.....


              You can use PI Vision or a BI tool like Power BI or Tableau to look at lots of trends of events (when W1 is equal to a certain value) to overlay them. I have used both PI OLEDB Enterprise and the PI Integrator for Business Analytics to get the event frame data.


              I have also taken time series data (do a datalink pull) and I have used Tableau to show trends of W2 and W3 only if W1 equals a certain value. I didn't have to write any code to do it. The only reason I used Tableau was that Power BI is only granular down to the day on time series data, but Tableau can get down to the second on a time series graph.