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    PI AF Link - Batch Database Status(Analysis Pending)


      Hi All


      This is regarding PI AF Link - Batch Database Status (Analysis Pending).


      AF link shows InSync but it didnt update module database structure in AF. In General Tab it shows Batch database status - Ready to run analysis and when i click on analyse it throws an error : Failed to get batch database points for analysis.


      As per the  documentation, verified PI system which is working fine and even AF link is connected but PI ModuleDB  but not in sync with AF. Batch database status shows Migration not yet done, anlaysis pending.


      Please suggest.




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          Dan Fishman

          Do the details page of the AF Link page in SMT give any other status?  Does MDB to Asset Server Sttistics show any errors?.  What is the state of the batch database status description?

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            Hi Lal,


            We had Similar Issues and below are the Findings, request you to check the issue Batch data availability and its corresponding license,


            -AF Link Subsystem will enable the communication between PI MDB and PI AF. If it is showing in sync means, MDB is will able to communicate to the PI AF without any issues.

            There are two different databases available, one is Module Database and other one Batch Database. If you try to run analysis in Batch database and it will check for Batch Data (Separate License required for Batch Data) if you dont have any batch data available, it will throw the error as unable to find Batch Points.This is a normal behavior only.

            -If Batch Database shows "Migration not yet done, analysis pending"- This will be mainly the Permission issue,we dont have the license for the Batch Data.

            - Found that we should not able to migrate the %OSI Module to the PI AF. if you have any Modules created on your own, you can able to migrate it to the PI AF.