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    VCampus Suggestions


      Just had a couple of thoughts about the VCampus and thought I'd put them forward to see what people think.


      Having recently joined I like to keep up to date on all the discussions that are going on and had a couple of suggestions that might make it a little easier.


      I know there is an option when viewing a topic to view only unread items. This is generally what I choose to view but I have to select this every time I sign in. Not a big deal to be honest but if it remembered my settings for this when I signed in then I could be even more lazy


      This one I think is more useful. When viewing in the discussion hall if it could show next to the particular forum how many topics I haven't read then I would not need to open up each one individually to see what new items I need to view.


      Anyway just a couple of thoughts I wanted to put forward for comments/thoughts. Guess it wouldn't do any harm if other people had any more although I think it's a pretty awesome forum.



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          Ahmad Fattahi



          I really appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback. You are right to the point that being able to follow up with the forum discussions is key. Good news is that we are currently working on an upgrade to our platform; your feedback is very important in shaping the new features. We will take a note on them.


          At the same time, are you subscribed to the forums of your interest via email or RSS? That's one way to follow the ones that I have or have not read.

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              Hey Ryan, welcome to vCampus, great to see you here!


              There is some history with the forum landing page, where an upgrade along the way knocked out the useful statistics for it because of a 'Community Server Widget' (or similar).  Good to see from Ahmad that an upgrade is on the way to resolve this, although I am kind of used to it now.

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                Hey Ahmad,


                I signed up for the e-mail notifications which has helped but when I get to work I don't sometimes get the time to read each e-mail plus I would have to visit the post to mark it as read anyway.


                Not tried the RSS feed - will do that though.


                All I need now is version for my HTC so I can geek up when sitting in airports