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Discussion created by RyanBrown on Apr 19, 2012
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Just had a couple of thoughts about the VCampus and thought I'd put them forward to see what people think.


Having recently joined I like to keep up to date on all the discussions that are going on and had a couple of suggestions that might make it a little easier.


I know there is an option when viewing a topic to view only unread items. This is generally what I choose to view but I have to select this every time I sign in. Not a big deal to be honest but if it remembered my settings for this when I signed in then I could be even more lazy


This one I think is more useful. When viewing in the discussion hall if it could show next to the particular forum how many topics I haven't read then I would not need to open up each one individually to see what new items I need to view.


Anyway just a couple of thoughts I wanted to put forward for comments/thoughts. Guess it wouldn't do any harm if other people had any more although I think it's a pretty awesome forum.