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Streamset AdHoc error handling

Question asked by AbelHeinsbroek on Aug 27, 2018
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Hi All,


I'm building an optimized PI Web API wrapper that collects value, recorded, etc, requests and groups them into a single Streamset Ad Hoc request.

I'm running into the following problem however: as soon as a single WebID cannot be found, the whole requests fails with a single error.


For example:


Contains two correct WebIDs and one nonexisting, causing the complete request to fail with a single error. Ideally the PI Web Api would include the errors per WebID inside the returned Items array.


Does anyone know a good solution for this problem? Checking each attribute existence prior to the batched streamset request would defeat the purpose of batching the requests. Using templates alleviates the problem somewhat, but we still run into issues when elements contain custom attributes.




Abel Heinsbroek