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SQLWriter Error PI Integrator for BA - DW (PI Integrator)

Question asked by GeraldvBerkel on Aug 30, 2018

We upgraded from PI Integrator for Business Analytics 2016 R2 SP1 to PI Integrator for BA - DW (PI Integrator).

We published a view to the PIIntegrator SQL database and it take a lot of time for the view to be published.

That could be explained that it is a lot of data.

However we get the following error during the publishing:

SQLWriter::SyncFunc: Table='EventFrames', Source='.Net SqlClient Data Provider' - SQL Exception error: [-2146232060] - Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__OOC_PIEv__3214EC07173118C2'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.EventFrames'. The duplicate key value is (822001).
The statement has been terminated.

I would expect that the Integrator should handle Primary keys for us...

Am I overlooking something?