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Sampled Data Results Miss 1 Day

Question asked by zhenzhentang on Aug 30, 2018

Hi all,


I am using sampled data to retrieve values of an AF attribute. There is an AF table containing the sales records. I have an attribute "ori" to calculate the total sale amount of the previous day, and an attribute "result" to determine whether "ori" is a bad value. The configuration statement are like below:


ori(table lookup): SELECT Sum(amout) FROM table1 WHERE productName = 'product1' AND dateOfNextDay <= #%Time%# AND dateOfThirdDay > #%Time%#

result(formula): A=.|ori;[if badval(A) then 0 else A]


And when I retrieve time series data in PSE and datalink separately:

See? There is a 1 day gap between the two results. I checked my AF table and the results in PSE is correct. I also tried timed data and archive value in datalink, and got the same wrong results. Could anyone figure it out for me? Thanks!