Custom Data Reference cannot be made configurable

Discussion created by JaisonRodrigues Champion on Apr 20, 2012
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Hi All,


I have developed a Custom DR plug-in which fetches data into PI AF using a WCF service. I have compiled this code into a assembly (dll) and registered it into PI AF using -regplugin and it works fine. But currently this Data Reference points to a WCF Service which is hosted in Development Environment. I have to hand-over this compiled Data Reference assembly to the Infrastructure, along with instructions how to register it, since we no longer have access to the Production environment.




But in Production Environment the WCF Service will be hosted in different server, that means the Address of the Service in the Custom Data Reference  needs to be changed and pointed to  the server hosting the WCF service.




Is there anyway in which we can make this Address configurable, so that we can change this at one place and Data Reference which is registered will read this change and point to correct WCF service address?




I tried to place the web.config file in the Installation directory of PI AF, where the assemblies of all registered Plugins are placed, but still this doesn't work.




Any help would be appreciated.




Thanks in advance.






Jaison Rodrigues