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Security control on OLEDB Enterprise

Question asked by JosueFdz on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by vkaufmann

We are currently working on a project to expose data from PI to a BI solution where users can see the data from PI and perform their own dashboards & analytics on the BI suite. We are currently testing Microsoft's Power BI. I'm using PI OLEDB to configure the connection between PI & Power BI. I've been able to create views and configure security access to those views.


The question I have is how can I restrict access to the PI system tables/objects that are available thru OLEDB. Here's a screenshot of the tables I'm referring to:



These are the views I've created and they are the only objects I want the user to see. Is there a way to hide all the other catalogs (Configuration, BD Produccion, MDBtoAF, System)/folders from the user?


The screnshots I'm showing are from the PI SQL Commander Lite. Here's a screenshot of how the users sees it in Power BI:



Appreciate any help with this.