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    AFnotification updated but no notification raised


      Hello everybody,


      I try to update an AFNotification, the configuration is correctly updated in PI-AF, but the notifications instances are not updated until I restart the Notification service (in windows services / restart service).


      Actually, i've a configuration that correspond to a warning level, with an instance raised. I update the configuration to make the notification to a non raised level. I save it, the configuration is OK, but the instance is still marked as active despite the fact that all the conditions return false in the configuration ...


      Here is a example of my code, the notif object is an AFNotification :

                      //TODO : confirm the systematic delete  ?
                      //Clear all precedent rules
                      if (IsEnabled)
                          notif.Status = AFStatus.Enabled;
                          notif.Status = AFStatus.Disabled;
      Does anyone have an idea concerning my code ? What's wrong ? 
      Thanks for your replies ....
      Best regards, 
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          @Jean: To better understand your problem, we will need more information. Can you provide answers to these questions:


          - What is the version of PI Notifications that you use?
          - Can you attach to the thread the PI SDK message log file where the PI Notifications Scheduler/Analytic Processor is installed?
          - Have you tried to recover the return value of the StopNotification method? It returns true or false based on success.
          - Have you verified the credentials of your application? It may not have the rights to stop/handle the notification instances.