Recalcution in PI ACE

Discussion created by JiteshV on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2012 by hanyong

In case of clock scheduling we can do recalculation as shown in manual for below expression.

MyOutputTag.Value = MyInputTag.Avg("*-1h", "*")

But in case of natural sechduling and I am doing addition of 3 tags where i need to have Same TimeStamp for all Input Tags at the time of ACE trigger

If TimeStamp of All Input Tags is Same


Output_Tag_Total.value = Input_Tag1.value+ Input_Tag2.value + Input_Tag3.value




Output_Tag_Total.value  = "Invalid Data"




May I know for above kind of logic, is it possible to do automatic / Manual recalculation?


For automatic recalculation do I need to write any code?


I appreciate all your help in advance !