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    DeltaV Smart Connector Change Interface Assignment


      I have a DeltaV system that uses the smart connector, and has 30,000 tags (max limit).

      For whatever reason the tags were never evenly distributed across all interfaces and there also only seems to be 10 interfaces, some have nearly four times what they are supposed to have.

      I know that there is a max limit of 2,000 per interface so the plan is to create the additional 5 interfaces. Then spread the tags across 15 interfaces (2000 each).


      1. what is the recommended method to add the 5 additional interfaces?

      2. To correct the tag assignment. Is the correct method to take a full tag export before changes to the system. Modify location 1 to evenly distribute the tags across interfaces, and download back to the system?


      Appreciate any advice as I have inherited this "opportunity"



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          Hi Aaron,

          It is interesting that the tags are not evenly distributed between interface instances 1-9. With a TI value of 2000, I would expect instances 1-9 to have 2000 tags and instance 10 to have 12,000 tags. You can check where the Asset Connector created the last tag by looking in the registry at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\PISystem\Asset Connectors\DeltaV. The LastLoc1 shows the last interface instance used (I would expect this to be 10) and NumPtsLastOPCInstance shows the number of tags created in that instance (I would expect it to be 12,000 for a 30,000 tag system). If the values show 10 and 12,000 then someone manually moved the tags to different instances.


          There is no built-in functionality to create additional interface instances after the Asset Connector has been installed. You can manually add instances, but it is not a very straight forward process. The Asset Connector uses the older convention of creating a unique exe for each interface instance. If you wanted to create new instances and have them match the existing convention, you have to manually copy and edit an existing batch file and exe, then create the windows service using command line. You would then need to manually edit the registry keys to have the Asset Connector create tags in the new interface instance.


          However, it sounds like you are already at a limit of 30,000 tags. If you are not planning on performing any downloads from DeltaV that would create new PI Tags, you could create new OPC instances the "standard" way and manually move tags to that instance with PI Builder. I would also consider distributing the 30,000 tags between the interface instances you already have. The 2000 tag per instance is the recommendation in the Asset Connector manual, but it sounds like you already have several instances with more than 2000 tags. I would think that redistributing the tags through the existing 10 interface instances would be an easier solution if you are experiencing performance issues. 


          Please let me know if you have any questions about this.




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              Hi Javin.


              I thought it would be the case alright. I have been reading for the last few days and couldn't see an easier option.


              I've decided to reinstall the connector building the 15 required interfaces.

              Then using tag builder spread the existing tags across all 15.

              It seems to be the cleanest and quickest way of doing so.


              Appreciate you taking the time to explain all of the above.