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DeltaV Smart Connector Change Interface Assignment

Question asked by kellyam on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2018 by kellyam

I have a DeltaV system that uses the smart connector, and has 30,000 tags (max limit).

For whatever reason the tags were never evenly distributed across all interfaces and there also only seems to be 10 interfaces, some have nearly four times what they are supposed to have.

I know that there is a max limit of 2,000 per interface so the plan is to create the additional 5 interfaces. Then spread the tags across 15 interfaces (2000 each).


1. what is the recommended method to add the 5 additional interfaces?

2. To correct the tag assignment. Is the correct method to take a full tag export before changes to the system. Modify location 1 to evenly distribute the tags across interfaces, and download back to the system?


Appreciate any advice as I have inherited this "opportunity"