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PI AF Explorer will not load required native support DLLs

Question asked by oysteintorget on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by oysteintorget

I have created a AFDataReference plugin and registered it using RegPlugin.exe together with required support DLLs. Some of these DLLs are .Net 4.0 DLLs, the other are native DLLs. Looking at the database properties the plugin and DLLs appears to be registered correctly.


When I use the plugin for an attribute I get the error "One or more errors have occured.


Looking in C:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\AF\PlugIns\ I can see that the native DLLs are in that folder. The .Net 4.0 DLLs are in the "4.0" sub folder.


I have turned on monitoring with procmon I see that AFExplorer.exe will only look for the DLLs in C:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\AF\PlugIns\\4.0 and not in C:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\AF\PlugIns\ so the native DLLs cannot be loaded.


If I move the native DLLs to another folder on the search path the plugin works correctly.


Is there any way to get AF Explorer to also look for DLLs in the root plugin folder and not just the "4.0" subfolder?


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