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pbobjlib object issue in WIN10 environment

Question asked by kthuang on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by kthuang

we have use the following codes in Excel VBA  and  similar codes in VB as well for more than ten years.

We are using PB2015R2SP1 ane SP2 in both WIN7 and WIN10.

In Win10 we are getting "Object reference not set  to an instance of an object" when we try to add first display to the PB application object.

And when we try to close the PB we getting:

Should we try to setup the pipb dirrerently.


KT Huang




Dim pipb As PBObjLib.Application
Dim doc As PBObjLib.ProcBook
Dim disp As PBObjLib.Display
Dim pdi_file_Nm As String

Set pipb = CreateObject("piprocessbook.application.2")

pdi_file_Nm = "Event_evname"
Set disp = pipb.Displays.Add(pdi_file_Nm)