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    Convert Clearscada displays to Processbook?


      Does anyone know of a method or company that converts ClearScada displays to Processbook or PI Vision? 

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          Hi Rebecca


          As far as i'm aware there is no direct method to convert ClearSCADA displays to PI processbook or PI Vision. ClearSCADA graphics have different data source and view format compared to PI Vision or PB. Even after migration you may need to map all PI tags/AF attributes to match the requirement. If you are looking for similar layout then you add image and map attributes to PI Vision.




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            Hi Rebecca,


            You can migrate the layout of the display like lines. text, boxes, values, trends, links and Multistate etc.., using some third party software like Data South Systems: Graphic Plugin for OSI Processbook (GrITS)


            Regarding the tag mapping, if you have PI tag name same as DCS tag name, this graphic plugin will automatically map the tags in the ProcessBook without any manual intervention. But if you have different tags naming convention in PI mean, as Lal Babu Shaik said you need to map it manually after converting your displays. If you have more number of screens you can go for this option or else you can create it directly either in ProcessBook or PI Vision as you need to separately procure this software.




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