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Okay so this is maybe a bit off topic but I think it's good to share a funny story about experiences. I fully suspect my thread will be deleted and thrown in the trash but perhaps not. It does relate to PI... kind of.


So here is my story...


I was looking for another job and had my nicely polished CV ( I know people I work with are members of VCampus so want to point out this was a while ago) . I was interested as you can imagine with doing software development and at this point it didn't matter to me what it was. I just wanted a challenge. So I got a few interviews but one in particular stood out and is the basis for this story.


I'm going to not name the company for obvious reasons but here is what happened.


Interview was going well and I passed their programming test. Sorted I thought as they seem good. Now they started going over my CV. No problem there until they came across the fact I had developed an interface between PI and another product. I would like to point out to you that this isn't like an interface in the sense of how we know them. It was basically a windows service that would monitor PI and publish these changes to another application.


So they started telling me how impressed they were that I had done this. Well I thought yeah... kinda cool really. Then they dropped the bombshell.


"So... can you explain exactly how you interface with a number...".


Well I kept cool and tried to explain what it was I did but needless to say I didn't end up working for them.


Just wanted to share my story as it still amuses me today but this is probably the only place where it will get appreciated.


I can imagine there might be a few interesting stories out there to share so let us know