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PI data archive not on local facilities, but elsewhere

Question asked by pascalnass on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by LalBabuShaik

Dear community,


one of our customer wish (for hardware cost reasons) to have his PI Server (Data archive and AF), not located in the production facility itself but elsewhere. The server would be connected with the production facility via a VPN, however it could be located anywhere in the world. Based on the various documents I have read from OSI, best is to have the PI server in the same domain.

If viable this concept would then be applied to multiple sites.

Have any of you already developed such a concept? What is successful? would you recommend it?


Based on my own experience, a physical local server is best (since the network load could become an issue, depending on the amount of Tag you are moving from the snapshot to the archive) and then send the data from the local site to the headquarter via PI to PI interface. This works great.

This link would then be unidirectional "only": from local site to headquarter


Is PI cloud connect the future of PI to PI interface? Is pi Cloud "only" sharing PI AF and not the archives?

I understand that using PI cloud connect we would be in a bi-directional link (e.g headquarter could then modify some parameters), however the data would then be transiting through a "cloud" server.

any pro's and cons? cons: data going through unknown server

Do I understand this correctly?