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PI-AF security configuration with PowerShell scripts

Question asked by MaximeHT on Sep 6, 2018
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I have found a way to manage the PI-AF security cobfiguration with PowerShell scripts for the 2 following cases :

  • at the server level:
    • $AFSecurity = $afSrv.Security
    • $AFSecurity.SetSecurityString($_.SecurityString, $false)
  • at the database level:
    • $AFDb = $afSrv.Databases[$_.DatabaseName]

    • $AFSecurity = $AFDb.Security

    • $AFSecurity.SetSecurityString($_.SecurityString, $false)


Then, the config string is updated:


But, i didn't found a way to manage other "Items to Configure (Contacts, Notification Contacts Templates, ...):"


Someone has an idea?