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    Upgrading PI Analysis Service 2014 R2


      Hello All,


      Just wondering what is recommended. My current AF server (in a collective) is running PI AF Server 2014 R2 on a MS Windows Server 2008 R2. I want to update the PI Analysis Service 2014 R2 running on there, but wasn't sure if I should go with the PI Analysis Service 2016 R2 Install Kit (https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Downloads/File/856ad7c8-076d-4960-b701-693c6928b08f?_ga=2.119535497.1412384362.153633510… )  as a standalone update, or should I go the full blown AF Server upgrade to PI AF Services 2017 SP2 Install Kit (https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Downloads/File/ad60583e-298b-432d-bcdf-d90e26053387?_ga=2.177225509.1412384362.153633510… ).  Has anyone had any experiences doing something similar, if so what do you recommend? Are there any gotcha's that I should look out for. I found a discussion posted on the PI Square community: Event Frames analyses not working after upgrade to PI AF 2017 R2  that referenced some analyses not working after upgrading to PI AF 2017 R2. I want to minimize these type of issues. Thanks ahead of time.