PI-APS Post Syncing Processing

Discussion created by MIDACO on Apr 23, 2012
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Hello All,


I'm working on a project using PI-APS to synchronize many tags sources in order to create, edit and delete tags.  All of these sources are kind of "proprietary" and we use the Generic CSV connector to synchronize all tags.  In average, a data source includes around 80,000 tags and we expect to have around 20 to 30 data sources (a data source is a PointSource or a data acquisition node using a PI interface).


We have developped a "pre syncing processor" code in Powershell that does a really good job to sanitize the CSV files.  This can be called through the CSV Connector specific configuration "More Options" tab where an application can be called in the field "Run before syncing".


We'd like to run the same kind of Powershell script in a call to be run "after syncing". 

This option is not available into the Generic CSV Connector.  Is anyone could give me a hint to do the same outside PI-APS functionality.