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    Measure PI Vision Utilization


      Hi Everyone,


      Was just wondering if there is a way we could measure the utilization of PI Vision? My team and I would just like to see if the users are really using the application and are making the most out of it. If it would be possible also if we could see how many users are accessing the displays maybe everyday?


      Not sure how my team and I can achieve this. Hoping you could help us out.


      Thank you!



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          Hi Pocholo


          To check utilization of PI Vision you have following options.


          Step 1: Login to PI Admin page : https://pivisionserver/pivision/admin

          Step 2: Click Reports

          Step 3: Users who have accessed PI Vision within a specific time range

          Step 4: Export


          You can also set PI Visualisation windows counters on PI Vision server to check the usage example


          1) _Display Search by Datasource *

          2) _Execute Data Query *

          3) _Query Count *


          * represents different tags with similar prefix.


          Using SQL :


          SELECT E.Name as [Display Name],e.Owner as [Display Owner], e.CreatedOn as [Display Creation Date],e.CreatedBy as [Display Created By],

          U.[User] as [Last Accessed By], u.LastAccessed as [Last Accessed Date]  from  BrowseElements E join UserDisplayData U  on E.ID  =U.DisplayID

          order by [Last Accessed Date] desc




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            Thank you for your help Lal!