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Configure Pi Archive simulator to generate values every second

Question asked by Noga on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by gregor

I installed Pi Data Archive 2016, and enabled the PI Ramp Soak Simulator (rmp_sk) Interface x64 and PI Random Simulator (random) Interface x64 services with their default configuration.

I also use the default tags installed with the Pi Data Archive to test the simulator.

What I would like to do is configure the simulator to generate values to Float and Int tags every 1 second, and not every ~30 sec as it generates by default.

Looking at the 'PI Data Archive 2016 System Management Guide' it suggests that on the PSM, 'location 4' is where this parameter should be configured.

but I am not sure how to configure it.

what value should I insert? Is there a way at all to configure that?