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    PI Vision: By using 'Asset' I couldn't get another dashboards




      I have 4 Machines of Deposition names are as below,



      Deposition-03 and



      These Machine’s name used as Element in AF and they have some child elements.


      Once I mapped Deposition-01 machine, by using their child elements on PI Vision, It is fine.




      I am facing an issue when I was searching “Asset” to jump on another machine, Deposition- 01 to Deposition- 02/03 or 04. Element have been changed but did not get any values which are not changing (shows: No Data). Out of all of that only one value has been changed which is "M2", remaining values did not changed it shows "NO Data".


      I want to change my all over data once I change asset Deposition-01 to -02.


      Which setting is require to get changes?