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Advantage of PI System Connector over PI to PI Interface

Question asked by JaisonRodrigues Champion on Sep 19, 2018
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Hi Community,


I would like to get some information around the differences between the PI to PI and PI System Connector, in terms of data collection. Did not find any useful information on PI Square either.


I understand that PI System Connector, basically replicates the source PI System (both PI AF and PI Data Archive) to a destination PI System. It also then collects data for the points created in destination PI Data Archive from source data archive. It then keeps monitoring for any changes (creation of Elements in AF or PI Points in data archive and replicates it to the destination PI System. (just like any other connectors which create AF meta-data from the source systems and collects data)


So my question is


  1. Is PI System Connector, a replacement for PI to PI Interface?
  2. Is the backfilling in PI System Connector configurable? (I guess the default is 30 days)
  3. Is there any difference in performance of backfilling between PI System Connector and PI to PI Interface?
  4. What are the advantages of using PI to PI Interface over PI System Connector and vice-versa?
  5. If we do not intend to replicate the PI AF Server from source to destination and are only interested in PI Data Archive, can PI System Connector be configured just to get PI Data Archive data?
  6. Can we use PI System Connector to replicate data between on-premise PI System and PI System hosted on cloud?


Thanks in advance.



Jaison Rodrigues