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PI VISION Collection Items count

Question asked by JF.URBIETA on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Roger Palmen

Dear all, even if I know that PI-VISION is a quite new feature of PI, I can't stand to have clients frustrated so integrators...

My question is based upon the Collection object, very useful but which seems to miss a counter.


I voluntarly used the verb "seem" because I think (or I hope or I know such in C# or C++) that there is an "hidden" attribute from collection which is able to display how many items are satisfying the query.


To summarize : I need to display in the PI VISION interface how much items are in a collection once the query has been done (and of course it's dynamic :-))


I'm pretty sure that lot of you have been already thinking about this feature when tracking alarms, stopped equipments or numbering valves in a plant....


Of course such problem can be solve using extra attributes, adding roll ups and so on.... but as no more or only few people are making fire by chocking stones, I think that someone can bring me the light on such topic!