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    PI VISION Collection Items count


      Dear all, even if I know that PI-VISION is a quite new feature of PI, I can't stand to have clients frustrated so integrators...

      My question is based upon the Collection object, very useful but which seems to miss a counter.


      I voluntarly used the verb "seem" because I think (or I hope or I know such in C# or C++) that there is an "hidden" attribute from collection which is able to display how many items are satisfying the query.


      To summarize : I need to display in the PI VISION interface how much items are in a collection once the query has been done (and of course it's dynamic :-))


      I'm pretty sure that lot of you have been already thinking about this feature when tracking alarms, stopped equipments or numbering valves in a plant....


      Of course such problem can be solve using extra attributes, adding roll ups and so on.... but as no more or only few people are making fire by chocking stones, I think that someone can bring me the light on such topic!

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          Roger Palmen

          I don't really see this as an issue with the Asset Collections, as that is primarily tasked with visualization. Looking at separation of concerns, determining a count is data and thus the task of AF.

          If we need to determine a count of elements that have a certain status, the rollup Analysis was meant for that and supports a count of elements that satiesfies a criterium.

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              Thanks for such reply, but when using roll ups (and we're using some) how can I have a "combined" query triggering on a value?


              To illustrate : I want to know how many equipements are out of order knowing each object has a single attribute linked to an enumerated list such as "Off"/"Initialisation"/"Calibrating"/"Running"/"Under maintenance"/"Stopped"/"Out of order".


              PI-VISION collection allows to sort on object type and attribute value equals a value from a list.


              As far as we known such behaviour is not available with roll up attribute's filter conditions. If a roll up equation allows such combination, of course we can use roll up feature...

              We used to bypass such issues by creating extra attributes in AF and count them, but it's not really the best way to do, not the smartest one.