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PIDataPipe.GetObserverEvents returns error "DataOverflow"

Question asked by Noga on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by tramachandran

I am using AF-SDK 2016 and have created a PiDataPipe class very similar to the one given here:

How to use the PIDataPipe or the AFDataPipe

I am connected to a pi-server that contains 20,000 points, and I configured the Random simulator to generate values every 3 seconds.

The GetObserverEvents method in my PiDataPipe class is being called every 1 second (The 'checkInterval' parameter in the 'startListening' method is set to call the GetObserverEvents every 1 second).

Unfortunately I am getting an error from the GetObserverEvents (through the returned AFErrors<PIPoint> object) with the message: "DataOverflow".

Trying to tune the 'Update Manager Subsystem' as described here:

3151OSI8 - MaxUpdateQueue and TotalUpdateQueue Recommendations ,

And also increasing the 'checkInterval' parameter even up to 10 seconds, did not prevent this error to reoccur.


What other configuration option can resolve this error? or may it originate from other source which is not a configuration issue?