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    MISSING: PI Data Access 2.0 Type Library

    James Devine

      I suspect our upgrading PI OLEDB, PI ProcessBook, and PI Datalink might have something to do with this. Unfortunately we are encountering "MISSING: PI Data Access 2.0 Type Library" in a ProcessBook VBA instance. My question is simple (I think). How do I get it back, or what is the new work around, or replacement library?

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          Just to update the forum, James and I are working on this as a tech support case. It looks like this library is part of the PI DataLink Legacy installation, so one option is to install DataLink and enable the Legacy add-in, but another could be to remove this library from the references list and see if anything in the VBA breaks. I don't believe it was intended to be used in ProcessBook, so I wouldn't be surprised if nothing is actually using it, unless if the VBA project were originally written for Excel and were exported/imported into ProcessBook.


          I'll update the post when we have a final answer, but if anyone else has thoughts on this in the meantime, you're welcome to still post.



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