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    Is there a pipe for Eventframes like PIDataPipe for Points?


      Hello out there,


      is it possible to subscribe eventframe changes like it is to pi point data?

      The idea behind is to replace output tag triggered action (writing  to a sql database)

      through eventframes.



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          Rick Davin

          Not yet.  We have been working on the request, but I don't think it will part of the next AF release.  One feature of an event frame data pipe will be that it integrates with an AFEventFrameSearch so that it will send notices when an EF is added or removed from the search results.  For instance, if your search is on open event frames, that is EF's where the EndTime is AFTime.MaxTime, then when an event frame is closed, the data pipe is sent a notice that that particular EF will be removed from the search.


          Even though PI World 2018 EMEA is less than a week away, we are already brain-storming talks and labs for PI World 2019 SF, and I have proposed a 90-minute "HOW TO" talk on using the new EF data pipe.  It may not make it on the agenda because it would be an advanced topic with narrow appeal.  If others replied here to say they are interested, it would help justify putting it on the agenda for April 2019.

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