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    piptsrc tabel contents


      Hi All,


      Is there a way i can access the contents of this table via PI-SDK / AF-SDK ?




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          Eugene Lee

          You can access the point sources available on a PIServer with this method.


          PIServer.PointSources Property

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            Rick Davin

            See Eugene Lee 's link to Live Library Help.


            Yes, you may use AF SDK.  Here is very short C# code snippet:


            PIServers kst = new PIServers();
            PIServer pida = kst["Your PI Data Archive Name"];
            PIPointSources ptSources = pida.PointSources;
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              Also, if i want to get the interface name corresponding to the point-source is there a way via AFSDK?

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                  Hi Sudeshna,


                  There is no direct relationship between PointSource and Interface type. While there are some reserved point sources, the point source Attribute can be whatever combination of characters and numbers as long as it doesn't exceed a certain length which I believe is at about 64 characters.


                  Which PI Point is serviced by which interface instance is, with the majority of PI Interfaces, defined by both attributes: PointSource and Location1


                  I am guessing that you like to figure out which source is writing to a certain PI Point. Is this the case? Under the assumption that PI ICU was used to configure all interfaces writing to a server, the Interfaces add-in to PI SMT is a pretty useful tool. Please see PI SMT -> Interfaces -> Interface List


                  PI ICU stores interface instance configurations to the PI Module Database (MDB). Access to the MDB is possible through PI SDK but not AF SDK. Because PI SDK is announced for deprecation, we don't like to suggest it as a valid option.

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